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Book your place for our 
authentic tea ceremony 

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is centered around 
Despite the rigorous attention to detail in execution, each encounter, each ceremony, each sip is totally unique - and that is what is to be cherished.

For you to capture this special experience and remember for years to come, our tea ceremony is held in an authentic tea room, conducted in English by experienced practitioners in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nara is the ideal place to combine sightseeing with authentic cultural experiences and this is the one experience above all else not to miss on your trip to Japan.

We hold 2 Tea Ceremonies each Wednesday.

Each session is 45 minutes long.
Session 1 start time: 15:00
Session 2 start time: 16:15
*Reservation Required 

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your
session is due to begin.


*All times are in Japan Standard Time (JST)

Cultural Events Online Booking Form For In-Person Event

Why not enjoy some of our previous online tea ceremonies from the archives?

Online Tea Ceremony

Online Tea Ceremony

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During our past regular weekly online sessions, Yayoi-sensei presented a 10-lesson series on Ryaku Bon Temae - a tea ceremony performed on a tray.

By learning this more casual tea ceremony style, you will be able to hold your own ceremony anywhere you like with only the minimum of utensils.     
Watch the 10 video series by clicking the link below and download the accompanying booklet.

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