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MORITA Munekazu


森田 宗万


D.O.B: 1949


Leveraging my approximately 46 years of active service in the trading company industry, I have gained experience visiting around 75 countries (including approximately 14 years of residing in India, Egypt, and Germany). I use this experience to introduce the appealing aspects of Japan that visitors from overseas are interested in. This approach has earned me high praise.

Guide Area

I am well-versed in all of Nara Prefecture, especially the Asuka, Kashihara, and Sakurai regions.

Areas of Expertise

History and Culture


6 years (Up to and including October of 2023).


Asuka Regional Guide Interpreter(RN: EN00024)

Basic Fee

- Mainly focused on day trips.

- Reference fees: Depends on the client's preferences.

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