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Traveling To Nara?

Brought to you by the Nara prefectural government, the NARA Visitor Centre & Inn offers guests absolutely everything necessary to enjoy Nara to its fullest from accommodation, to tour packages, expert travel advice to free baggage keep, money exchange and free Wifi. You can also experience Japanese culture first hand with our fantastic events!

All The Travel Advice You'll Ever Need On Nara

On demand tourist information in English, Chinese and Korean

Our entire staff are ready and waiting to help and direct you in making your trip to Nara a story that you'll go home and tell everyone about.  


Even if you have no idea where to go or what to see and do, leave it to us and we'll organize it for you, just like we happily have for the countless number of other travelers to Nara before you.



Come in and browse the web, catch up on your mails, or plan what you'd like to continue

to do in Nara.


08:00 - 20:00

*Not available as an overnight service


Money exchange machine available in 12 major currencies




Prayer room on hand with all the required essentials

great line up of 

cultural activities

Free Internet and Wifi Services in English &  Chinese 

Research or Plan Your Perfect Trip

Come in and browse the web, catch up on your mails, or plan what you'd like to continue

to do in Nara.


Professional English & Chinese speaking staff

will be more than happy to make recommendations or guide you in making your trip to Nara the one of a lifetime.

Made In Nara

Showcasing Nara's goods

We have a fine gallery showcasing many of  Nara's most famous and high-quality goods, some being from manufacturers that have been in business for hundreds of years and multiple generations.

We don't sell these goods, but we can certainly put you onto how and where to buy them. If you are looking for a unique souvenir or memorabilia from your trip to Nara, look no further.

Prayer Room

We cater to our Islamic guests by 

providing washing facilities and a private room fully equipped with all the necessary items to make prayer.


No Reservation Necessary

Simply ask one of our staff for the room key.  

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